Saturday, December 29, 2007

Skyler's Christmas Parties

This is a picture of Skyler at her 3rd grade class party. My best friend from high school(Bethany) and I are the homeroom moms. Anyone that knew us in high school would of really gotten a kick out of seeing us up until midnight the night before hot glueing snowmen together. Bethany and I met in the 4th grade. It is really crazy to see our two kids now in the same classroom so close to the ages we were.

Skyler, Ally, and Allison
Anyone that knows Skyler knows that she is quite the planner. So...she decided she needed to have her own Christmas party with some of her friends. It was so cute. Skyler made the invitations and told them to bring or wear there favorite Christmas present and to bring a gift that was $5 for a gift exchange. Above is a picture of Skyler with her best friend Kennedy. Oh, I don't want to forget their American Girl dolls-Amber and Lilly.
Skyler with her friends after they opened their presents.
Skyler and her friends playing Hannah Montana game Truth or Dare. They were a little crazy.

Christmas at our house

The kids had a wonderful Christmas. We decided to do ours different this year. We went to a candlelight service at our church on Christmas Eve and then let the kids open their presents when we got home. This way they got to play with their presents a little more. Usually, after we open presents on Christmas morning we rush off to go to my parents house. This year we did stockings and Santa presents on Christmas morning. I really enjoyed it because there was a lot less mess for me to clean up in the morning and we were able to get around much quicker. Jason made an executive decision and decided that next year our family's present to each other would be a trip. Jason hates the cold, so we will probably be going to Mexico. Jason informed the girls that Santa goes to Mexico. I'm all for not buying a bunch of extra stuff that we really don't need, but I hate to tell him that the grandparents might have a bit of a problem with this plan.:) Oh, by the way, Jason says this every year!!
Jaylie waiting patiently to open her presents.
Skyler loves playing school(I did too at her age). She was sooo excited to get school supplies for teaching.
Jaylie modeling her new robe.
Skyler got an American girl doll from Santa.
Skyler holding the present that she bought for Jaylie.

Christmas with the Griggs

Jaylie before opening presents
Quinn(Christy's son), Skyler and Jaylie
Jaylie is always picking her nose...I am not kidding!!
Jaylie, Papa Dean and her BIG puppy(it matches her little one). Jaylie wasn't sure if she liked the big puppy. In fact, she told my mom to take it back, give it away to Quinn, and throw it out in the trash. It wasn't until I brought in her matching little puppy(normal size) and told her it was the mommy puppy that she decided it might be ok to keep.

Christmas with the Grinch

Jason's mom's work always does Christmas for the Home Court boys in Bolivar. It is a great opportunity to buy presents for kids and to let my kids go and see how fortunate we are at Christmas time. This year, not only was Santa Claus at the party, but also the Grinch. The kids thought it was great. Everyone, except for Jaylie. She wasn't sure what to make of him.

Skyler with her cousins, Jenna and Justin.(and the Grinch!)
Wendy(my sister-in-law) and I
Jaylie with Grammy and Papa Smith. Notice that Jaylie is preoccupied looking to see if the Grinch is coming to get her.
Grammy and the Grinch

Christmas with the Smiths

Jason and his brother Doug playing Scrabble. This is pretty much all they do when they are together. They love having a battle of the minds.
Jaylie playing the the fort that the big kids made.
Here is all the Smith grandkids being funny. Justin, Jenna, Haley, Hannah, Lauren, Skyler, and Jaylie. They have a blast at Grammy and Papa Smith's house.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Big Basketball Player

Kennedy, Madison, Skyler and Laura(waiting for the game to start)
Skyler getting ready to pass the ball in to Madison
Kennedy, Skyler, and Kaelyn taking a breather
Jaylie enjoying all of Grammy's attention at the game
Jaylie and her friend Bella

Skyler has started another year of basketball, if you know Jason you know that this sport is not an option. :) Thankfully, Skyler really enjoys it. She actually enjoys her daddy coaching. That probably won't last much longer. The team is all girls from her school and it's really cool to see each of their basketball skills develop over the last couple of years. Here are a few pictures-the score 28 to 8. Of course, the girls won! Way to go Wildcats!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jaylie's has a Job!!

Jaylie has decided that she loves McDonalds so much she needs to work there. I must say that she does a good job at bringing us our orders. Her daddy thinks she might want to consider another profession. :)

Skyler's Christmas Program

Skyler recently performed in our church Christmas Program "Bows of Holly". She had a lead part and did a wonderful job. We were very proud of her.