Monday, May 25, 2009

30 Weeks Pregnant and Tired.....

It has been a while since we I have posted, so I thought I would fill everyone in on what the we have been up to. No pictures this time because, frankly, I'm too tired. We have sold our house and are moving this Friday. Somehow I have managed to pack up the whole house. The last two times we have moved I have been pregnant. Anyone that has been pregnant while moving knows just how frustrating it can be. Not being physically able to do things drives me nuts. I should give Jason a little credit on the packing situation, he did get everything out of the attic and pack up the girls books. I think it might have been 4 boxes. In his defense, I'm a little obsessive about things and want the packing done a certain way.
The girls are doing good. Jaylie has been a little more crazier than usual. I think it might have something to do with all of her stuff getting packed up and knowing a baby is coming soon. If you can think of any more big changes to lay on a three year old let me know! Oh, and while Jason was away in Nashville last weekend both the girls came down with strep throat. I thought for sure I would get it, but something tells me that God knew that was more than I could handle at the moment.
Skyler gets out of school next Wednesday and can you believe that she will be in the 5th grade? She just finished up basketball. She has been playing/practicing since September, so I think she was ready for a break. I LOVE watching her play. She has three basketball camps this summer, so don't worry about her missing it.
She has started softball practice and is playing in two leagues this summer, so we will be spending lots of time at the ball field. Both girls are doing VBS at our church as well. We have no vacations planned because...well...buying a house and having a baby are not exactly cheap.
Once we get moved in I promise to post pics of the new house and the girls. Both girls are getting so big.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

IT'S A. . . .

GIRL!! Surprise! Actually to be honest we weren't that surprised. The odds were that it would be another girl. Jaylie is so excited. Skyler was hoping for a little brother, but is also excited about another sister. Jason will definitely be out numbered at our house.
Everything looked good and healthy on the ultrasound, which is really all that matters. I'm sure like any mother, there is a relief and a peace that comes over you after the ultrasound knowing that all the major organs have been accounted for. I will say that this one is a wild one. The ultrasound tech couldn't get her to hold still for anything. I promised her that I hadn't had any caffeine(for the day). In fact, she was bouncing around so much that they couldn't even get a good shoot of her face. This is very different compared to Skyler's ultrasound. She absolutely refused to move an inch. It literally took four different visit to the ultrasound tech to find out she was a girl. Isn't it amazing how they already have personalities in the womb? We thank God for giving us the opportunity to raise these precious little girls and we can't wait to meet Ms. number 3!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Announcing Baby Number 3!

If you notice, we have a new gadget added to our blog. We are expecting! The baby is due July 31st. The girls are so excited. I'm just so tired!!! Hopefully that will pass soon.

We went to an ultrasound today and it was amazing. The baby was waving its little arms at us. Jaylie was not impressed with the picture we brought home from the ultrasound. She asked me why we couldn't see it's eyes. She said she was worried because it was so dark in my tummy and she was afraid the baby was scared. She already asks about 500 questions a day anyway and now I get to answer about another 300 more (about the baby) that is very hard to explain to a 3 year old. Skyler is a pro at this by now. She will be 10 when the baby gets here. She is such a big help already.