Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jason and Niki's trip to Mexico

Jason and I just got back from Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. It was beautiful and relaxing. It makes me wonder why we are living in Missouri when there are places like that with beautiful weather year round. Ok, so I don't want to live in Mexico necessarily, but you get my point.
See the little hut by the water? That is where Jason and I got our massages by the ocean. I thought it was great. I always love to get a good massage or a good facial. However, anyone that knows Jason knows that this is REALLY not his thing. So I was shocked when he agreed to go with me. His reaction when it was over, "I can't believe people actually spend money for that." Not really what I was hoping for, but at least he tried.
This day people were actually surfing, but you really can't see them.

Don't you love how the guys shirt behind me makes me look like I'm wearing a nurse's hat?
Jason at Playa Del Carmen
At our resort, on the shore of Puerto Aventuras
This was my friend that I made, Paola. She was part of the entertainment staff. She spoke very little English, but we managed to communicate. In case you ever want to go work in Mexico, she makes $23 a day and works 12 hours. Can you believe that? At the beginning of our stay she had a little crush on Jason. She was shocked when I had to tell her he was my husband and not my boyfriend. I guess in Mexico a wedding ring doesn't mean a whole lot. Anyway, by the end of the week we were BFFs.
Jason and I love to look at boats. You should have seen some of the yachts in the marina. Again, we are definitey missing out in Missouri.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jaylie is no Picaso

The girls and I decided to do a craf this afternoon. They were supposed to be coloring on paper bags to make them into fish. However, when I was busy cutting out the eyes for the fish I looked up and saw this...

Jaylie had decided to color her face. She thought she was beautiful until she saw herself in the mirror. Then, she wanted it off NOW!!!
I had to include these pictures I took of Jason and Skyler later on that night. I thought they looked so cute. I do want to state that Skyler's hair does not normally look like this. Friday was crazy hair day at school. She reminded me last minute(or else I'm sure it would have been something really great), so I put the sides in pigtails and put one big pony on the top of her head. Beautiful!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are some pictures of the girls and I on Valentine's Day. Skyler likes to take her own pictures. Notice how good this first one turned out.
I got Jaylie to wear her new t-shirt(see previous post). These pictures were not taken on the same day as the previous post. Jaylie just really likes running around in her panties. I'm so used to it, I don't even think about it when were taking pictures. Sorry!
My favorite girls!!
Jason was at work when these pictures were taken. I thought I would include this one since Skyler really resembles him in it. :)
Skyler took this picture and it turned out a little better than the first. It's at least centered.

My "Little" Rockstar

I was so excited when I found Jaylie a Hannah Montana t-shirt in her size. She always wants to be like Skyler and her friends. Everytime we are in Walmart she begs me for a Hannah Montana t-shirt and I tell her they are not her size. Again, I was REALLY excited when I found one in her size. I brought it home and couldn't wait to show it to her. However, I made a big mistake. When I gave it to her I said, "look mommy found a "little" shirt in your size!" She took one look at it and told me to take it back. She needed a big one, not a "little one". After some convincing (by Jason, Skyer, and myself) we got her to at least try it on. She ran and got Skyler's "rockstar" hat. She loves putting this hat on and running around telling everyone that she is a rockstar. I'm pretty sure that this is one of those things that big sis and her friends have taught her to say.

Side note: Also notice that she is wearing panties. Jaylie is fully potty trained(even at night). I'm so excited to be free of diapers. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but Jaylie loves to change her panties (like, I don't know, four times a day). It drives me crazy!! If you can't tell, she is much more high maintence than Skyler was at this age.

Monday, February 4, 2008

To Anyone Concerned

We found the Mickey Mouse that was left out in the snow. Jaylie couldn't be happier.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Day in the Snow

Today was Jaylie's first time playing in the snow. She loved it! I think her favorite parts were eating the snow and letting her sister pull her around in the sled. Notice that she is matching from head to toe. Jason asked me where I find this kind of stuff. My mom, of course. Nana and Grammy do a great job of coordinating the girl's outfits, even for a snowsuit. Jaylie looked like she was ready to go to Colorado skiing...maybe next year.

Anyone that knows Jaylie knows that she carries around a Dora lunch box full of little figurines(Mickey Mouse, Dora, etc) Well, guess what? She threw a fit because she needed to take them outside with her. Jason let her take Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately, Mickey did not make it back inside and she is very worried. I told her maybe we would find him once the snow melted. She is not happy with this answer. Anybody willing to come and dig for Mickey Mouse in the snow?

Jason took Skyler and her friends sledding on a hill that about killed me last year. I am NOT KIDDING! It was when we got the ice storm and I flew down the hill and went airborn at the end. That's when I realized I might be getting to old for this stuff. Jaylie has her own sled, but I refuse to let her go down the hill that I will never go down again. So, she settled for sledding in our back yard.