Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Birthday!!

My Bunko friends and I went to J Bucks for my birthday. They decided to bring me "regifted" presents. Lets just say that they were interesting. I had some explaining to do to Jason when I showed him the baby outfit. I will say that some of the presents were not THAT bad. They just might get "regifted" to one of them.:)

Easter Fun!!

Skyler and Jaylie had a great Easter. They loved decorating and hunting the eggs and, of course, eating the candy. I had to have Jason take the Easter candy to his work because WE didn't needit.

A Day at the Zoo

I need to first say that the day at the zoo was only 8 days after the Winter Day post below. Go figure!!
Jaylie has a little friend named Owen. They are absolutely adorable together. People always think that they are twins because they look so much a like. Owen is such a gentleman. He holds Jaylie's hand and he waits for her and opens doors for her. I really think he is a keeper. Jaylie on the other hand really does not appreciate Owen...yet. I will have to work with her. They had a great day at the zoo and Jaylie loved getting to feed the animals.

Winter Days!!

Here are some pictures of the girls playing in the snow. We were were outside for close to two hours. Instead of playing in the snow Jaylie just eats it. She informed me that we don't eat grass. I didn't know where that was coming from until she later said "we eat snow." Hey, at least my kid is smart enough to know the difference. She ate so much snow that she peed in her snowsuit. Once I took her inside and got her all unbundled I decide that she was done playing in the snow. She wasn't very happy, so instead she got to make a fort inside. Notice that her bag of Minnie and Mickeys are always close by.