Wednesday, March 4, 2009

IT'S A. . . .

GIRL!! Surprise! Actually to be honest we weren't that surprised. The odds were that it would be another girl. Jaylie is so excited. Skyler was hoping for a little brother, but is also excited about another sister. Jason will definitely be out numbered at our house.
Everything looked good and healthy on the ultrasound, which is really all that matters. I'm sure like any mother, there is a relief and a peace that comes over you after the ultrasound knowing that all the major organs have been accounted for. I will say that this one is a wild one. The ultrasound tech couldn't get her to hold still for anything. I promised her that I hadn't had any caffeine(for the day). In fact, she was bouncing around so much that they couldn't even get a good shoot of her face. This is very different compared to Skyler's ultrasound. She absolutely refused to move an inch. It literally took four different visit to the ultrasound tech to find out she was a girl. Isn't it amazing how they already have personalities in the womb? We thank God for giving us the opportunity to raise these precious little girls and we can't wait to meet Ms. number 3!