Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Fourth of July Weekend

We had a great 4th of July. We spent Thursday night at our friends the Heeren's that live in our neighborhood. Skyler and Kennedy are great friends. We claim her as our third child. We spent Friday and Saturday at our friends the Faria's lake house on Table Rock. We spent the day swimming in their pool, tubing on the lake, and grilling out for dinner. We watched the fireworks from their boat. The girls loved it.
This is Jaylie's friend Bella. They were so exhausted. Can't you tell they look like rug rats from swimming all day?
Jaylie on the boat on the way to watch fireworks. Did I mention that the fireworks didn't start until 9:30? Jaylie and Bella again!
My friend Stacey(Kennedy's mom).
Kennedy and Jaylie.
Jaylie and Kennedy's brother, Tanner. She really likes him. He is wearing her glasses(which I believe are Skyler's) and she traded them for his hat.
Kaelyn, Skyler, and Janelle on their way to see the fireworks.

Kaelyn and Skyler feeding the geese.

Skyler shooting of the fireworks(with dad close by).
Skyler and mommy!
Daddy and Jaylie!

Jaylie and Skyler. Jaylie was getting a little sick of the noise by the end of the night.

Our Branson Trip

We have season passes to all the parks in Branson so we have spent a lot of time at White Water and Celebration City. We just went to Branson with my family for the weekend. Here's some pics.
Skyer at the Hard Luck Diner in Branson. The waiters and waitresses sing as you eat. This guy made it to the top 44 on American Idol, he said it was the year Carrie Underwood won. Also, for those of you American Idol fans Jason Yeager works there.
Only in Branson can you get a picture of your kids in front of a Christmas tree in July! Jaylie was very confused with seeing a Christmas tree, I guess she is old enough to realize at two that it's a little out of place.
Jaylie hiding in the fort that daddy made for her.

Jaylie riding the swings at Celebration City.

Skyler and Jaylie with their cousin Quinn.

Our Summer So Far...

Jaylie doing a little Karaoke
Jaylie making her scary face.

Jaylie had to get a Dora softball since Skyler plays softball.
We have kept busy with Skyler's ball games. Her team was 5-4 this year. This was impressive since her team played up this year in age. Next year they go to player pitch. Did I mention I'm the dugout coach? Anyone that know me at all is probably laughing, but after two year I think I have most of the rules down.

Jaylie's amazing life jacket!
Having a little afternoon tea party.
Crazy Jaylie!
This isn't a great picture, but it was taken on Skyler's last day of school. We were very proud of her. At the awards assembly that day Skyler received the student of the year award for her class. I think she gets that from me.:)
Well, I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd post some pictures of what we have been doing so far this summer. We swim a lot! When I say a lot I mean like 4 hours a day. The girls are both little fish. Jaylie got this great thing that she uses this year as a life jacket and she can swim in the deep end with Skyler and everywhere else in the pool by herself. We have loved this life jacket type thing because it doesn't let her flip on her back, etc. like some do. She has really learned how to kick her legs to stay above water. Of course, I think her determination to swim has something to do with keeping up with her big sis and her friends. Other than swimming the girls love playing in the backyard on the swing set and on their trampoline that they got this summer. Jaylie also loves riding her little 4-wheeler.