Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Time!

This picture of Jaylie is one of my favorites. This was the last place(my parent's house) that we opened presents and she was done!

We had such a wonderful Christmas. I combined pictures from Jason's parents, my parents, and our house. We love getting to spend time with all the family. Our problem now is finding a place to put all the new toys.

Some of Skyler's favorite things: Diamond earrings(from Grammy and Papa), the Wii(from Nana and Papa), and the trip to Mexico.

Some of Jay's favorite toys: Dora's Talking House(from Grammy and Papa), Coconut the dog (from Nana and Papa), lots of pet shops, and the trip to Mexico.

Jason's favorite presents: As always $$$$ and the trip to Mexico!

Niki favorite presents: New purse, Wii Fit, $$$, and my watch. Of course, the trip to Mexico was great too! On Christmas day, at my parents, they get us each 5 Scratchers. We all sit around and scratch to see who wins the most money. Every year, Jason and I always get lucky. We win $20-$30. This year, I was the BIG winner. My last Scratcher was $100! Merry Christmas to me!! And no I am not sharing, so quite asking(you know who you are)!

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